About Us

  • Stockholm Hardware (“SthlmHW”) is about building a strong hardware community in Stockholm.
  • We’re for beginners & experts, engineers & creatives, startups & enterprises. Everyone.
  • We are a not-for-profit group of volunteers.

What ?

SthlmHW is:

And maybe more things in the future.

Who ?

The overall initiative is led by Sune Kaae (Chief Technology Officer, Volvo Car Mobility (@sunekaaelinkedin, tumblr)

The meetup group is co-organized by a group of great and diverse people each adding unique perspectives on hardware:

  • Laura Katinaite (Innovation Manager, Electrolux) (linkedin)
  • Max Björverud (Sound and interactive media) (linkedin)
  • Susanne Fuglsang (Innovation Catalyst) (linkedin)
  • Ted Persson (VC & Design Partner at EQT Ventures) (linkedin)
  • Thomas Tromholt (Product developer, Frankly) (linkedin), Season 3&4


We’re getting help from these amazing volunteers:

  • Marek Bączyński. Video post-production
  • Kasper Martinell, Podcast production (linkedin)
  • Daniel Lugn, Podcast (Music Producer & Sound Designer, Entend Industries) (@daniellugn, linkedin)


We’re grateful to our partners who help us build the hardware community.

Partners in previous seasons:


We’d love more sponsors & partners & volunteers, get in touch!


check out the gear we’re using for our events and podcast.


Check out key milestones in our history and screenshots of previous versions of the website.

Organizer Alumni

Thanks to these organizers who helped run SthlmHW in the past.

  • Caroline Dahl (Founder, Ortrud Medical) (linkedin), Season 3
  • Jan-Åke Lindqvist (CEO, Wireless System Integration) (linkedin) Season 3
  • Anders Mellbratt (Concept Designer, itch) (@mellbrattlinkedin), Season 2&3
  • Åsa Moum (Consultant & Initiator Makerresan) (@asemong, linkedin), Season 2&3
  • Carl Bärstad (Co-founder & CEO Quirkbot) (@carlbarstad, linkedin), Season 1&2
  • Ellen Sundh (Design Technologist, Veryday) (@ellensundh, linkedin), Season 1&2
  • Johan Frössén (Design Strategist, People People) (@johanfrossen, linkedin), Season 2
  • Daniel Peterson, Director of Design, Screen Interaction (linkedin), Season 1
  • Fredrik Timour, Founder, Neue Labs (linkedin), Season 1
  • Per Brickstad, Co-founder and Industrial Designer, People People (linkedin), Season 1